Plowshares History

And they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore. – Isaiah, 2:4

Plowshares at Plymouth Church 1970-1990

Plowshares started fifty years ago in 1970 at Plymouth Congregational Church in Syracuse NY.

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Plowshares at Southwest Community Center 1991-2003

In 1991, after 21 years in the warmth of Plymouth Congregational Church, Plowshares had outgrown the warren of multiple rooms and floors. In keeping with Plowshares mission, finding a new space that would be handicapped accessible, and more inviting to a section of our community often overlooked, led us to the Southwest Community Center on the west side of Syracuse.

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Plowshares at Nottingham High School 2004-present

Thirteen years later in 2004, the demand for more craftsperson display space, and even more the need for parking had grown by so much that Plowshares relocated to Nottingham High School on Syracuse’s East side.
Nottingham has allowed us to grow as large as still feels inviting and reasonable, with more than twice the space of the Southwest Community Center. This would have been our seventeenth year in person at Nottingham, and we all hope that next year will see us all live and in person.

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In Memoriam

There have been many wonderful people who have helped make Plowshares special. The above people includes Marie Summerwood, Kathy Barry, Peter Swords, Michael Moody, Felice Osband, Judith Ann Benedict, Heather Sackett, and Robert Levy. They are all very missed.